Organizing Chapters are newly formed chapters that are going through a period of acclimatization to the rules and regulations that make up L.A.M.A. This is a probationary period of time for a new chapter. In special cases and at the discretion of the International Committee, organizing chapters are allowed some flexibility in the statutes. They are also allowed the purchase on credit of some articles of the National or International committee.

  1. The beginning of the chapters in organization is exclusively the responsibility of the International Committee L.A.M.A. and these are directly under the authority of the International Committee L.A.MA.
  2. The persons authorized to start a chapter are appointed by the L.A.M.A. International Committee. and these can be superseded by the International Committee.
  3. Organized chapters start with the common agreement that if they cannot meet the necessary requirements in the allotted time, their members will be integrated into the chapter closest to them or the chapter of their choice.
  4. Chapters in organization will be in a probationary period for a period of time not less than 18 months. After 18 months, the International Committee will contact the president of the chapter to see if they meet the necessary requirements to be nominated as an Official Chapter. If at that time the chapter does not meet the requirements, the International Committee has the option of granting them an additional 6 month period. After 24 months the International Committee will review and study the improvements of the chapter and will decide if the organizing Chapter can be nominated as an Official Chapter, continue as an organizing chapter or be integrated into another chapter.
  5. Organizing chapters do not have a vote or seat on their National Committee until they gain Official Chapter status.
  6. Organizational chapters are not authorized to manufacture T-shirts, patches, pins or any other L.A.M.A merchandise until they graduate and obtain Official Chapter status.
  7. Organizational Chapters must at least meet the following requirements to be nominated to graduate as an Official Chapter;
    • Comply with 18 months as a Chapter in Organization
    • Have no less than 15 “Full Color” members (not including associate members or spouse members).
    • Submit a monthly treasury report to members and file it in the chapter records. Copies of the last 3 reports are required to obtain official chapter status.
    • Submit an agenda for each official meeting and file it in the chapter records. Submission of the last 3 copies of monthly meeting minutes is required to obtain official chapter status.
    • Having participated in events of other L.A.M.A. in your region.
    • Having participated in the National Rally of L.A.M.A. (if your nation celebrates one)
    • Be up to date with payments and have no pending debts with the National or International committee.
    • Chapter officers must have participated in national and/or regional officer meetings.
    • Chapter members must have demonstrated their ability and willingness to ride their motorcycles to events and in an organized caravan manner and using proper road signs.
    • Have 6 executives President, Vice President, Treasurer, Business Manager, Secretary and Motorcycle Tourism Commissioner.
    • The chapter must demonstrate that it can and knows how to register L.A.M.A. when an event is held, send the National Committee a copy of these records within 7 days and file the copies with your chapter.
    • The chapter must have demonstrated that its members wear the proper uniform for events, meetings, and outings with their chapter or any other chapter.
  8. Once the International Committee determines that the organizing chapter has met all basic requirements, it will be nominated for Official Chapter status. The chapter officers of the region or nation will vote to see if they accept the recommendation. If they do not accept, they must make known the reason and reason for this. The International Committee will then decide if the chapter needs more time or if it should be finished.
  9. Once an Organizing Chapter is granted Official Chapter status by vote it must follow the International By-Laws without any flexibility and pay all merchandise orders to the International and National Committee at the time of order. You can also start making chapter t-shirts, pins and other fundraising items for your chapter.


The status of an Official Chapter changes when it is placed on probation. It will abide by and follow the laws and rules just like a chapter in organization and will be directly under the authority of the L.A.M.A. International Committee.

Chapters can only be placed on probation for very serious infractions. The LAMA International Committee has the authority in conjunction with the recommendations of the National Committee to put an official chapter on conditional probation for a determined period of time. Recommendations of the National Committee must be taken into consideration.

Some, but not all of the reasons below may lead to a chapter being placed on probation;

  • Membership is reduced to less than 15 “Full Color” members
  • The chapter does not participate in or support L.A.M.A.
  • The chapter refuses, does not register for events or does not send to the National Committee the event registrations of the L.A.M.A. who supported their events.
  • The chapter does not present a monthly treasury report to its members.
  • The chapter does not follow the L.A.M.A. International.
  • The chapter is not current on International annual dues.
  • Serious debts in general of the chapter in the financial obligations.
  • Allowing an officer to commit serious offenses and failing to address the necessary discipline.
  • Allowing members to engage in criminal activity without taking appropriate action to discipline or expel.

When a country has a total of 3 OFFICIAL CHAPTERS, the International Committee L.A.M.A. will start a National Committee in that nation. We have another document that deals with rules for national committees.


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